Walking Against Rape And Indecent Dressing

*Walking Against Rape And Indecent Dressing*❕
I bleed in my heart anytime l hear or read stories about rape, especially children being raped. These men are beasts and should be treated as such when ever apprehended. I condemn such acts with all the seriousness it deserves.

I have heard many men claim indecent dressing is the cause of the rising rape cases in the country. They blame victims of rape for exposing their bodies. They claim it is not easy for men to control themselves. They advise women to cover up to avoid getting raped. Are these men indirectly saying that men are animals who lack self control?
Nowhere is safe for women and girls in this Country,This issue is getting out of hands. This is another epidemic. Men are ought to control themselves even though it’s not an easy task to see women expose their bodies in public.

Women are expected to cover their private regions and body. Indecent dressing triggers the men to find vulnerable victims and have sex with them forcefully without their consent
To every lady out there let’s take preventive measures, like dressing decently, avoiding places we shouldn’t be in and other measures, not because they justify rape but because they are part of the contributing factors
It’s always better to be safe than sorry
Government at different level need come up with a new law regarding rape if we want to stop this madness on time. Death to rapists!
Parents should raise their sons properly to be like Joseph and stop unleashing their badly raised sons on other people’s innocent daughters.
Parents, teach your sons not to rape.

Say No to Rape and Indecent dressing

#Campaign Against Rape And Indecent Dressing
#Ambassador at Beyond Beauty-a DGI Initiative
#Voice For a girlchild
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*Walking Against Rape And Indecent Dressing*❕ I bleed in my heart anytime l hear or read stories about rape, especially…

Posted by Fisayomi Bada on Friday, August 7, 2020

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