Voice Of The Girl Child

Birthed into the world
My cry brought smiles on their faces
They have waited for years
I was the center of their love
The reason why their marriage wasn’t shattered
All went well
Till he asked my hands in marriage
A teenager like me
Why won’t they accept
They were growing old already
But that wasn’t what I wanted
I want to continue my education
I want to make my choice
I want to do this,I want to do that
But all were denied
They said a woman always end up in the kitchen
What the essence of education?
How would my career benefit me?
What is the use of spending their money?
Their decision was final and can’t be change
He took me in,with several promises
Of which none was fulfilled
My freedom denied
Am encaved in the house
I can’t voice out my pains
I can’t voice out my rights
I can’t make decisions
He his the head,and in control
Boredom became my friend
Loneliness became my
Am left to suffer in silence
Ohh! My goodness
Who will free me?
Who will speak for me?
Am dying in silence
No one to share my thoughts with
No one understands my feelings
Not even my parent
No even my children
Not even the man
That turn me into this.

©Owolebi Comfort

#DGI, #SDGs, #UN, #AU

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