Voice Of The Girl Child

I am a girl child

I have a voice that cannot be silent…

I am a light called to lighten my world…

I am a called mother, called to raise generations of world changers …

It doesn’t matter the oppositions that I face towards achieving my cause yet I am not oblivious of the great and numerous doors of opportunities that has been opened to me by my father when He called me out of darkness in to his marvellous light to lighten the path of others…

Yet there’s an oppressor whether internally or externally but the most dangerous oppressor is the oppressor of the mind, he tells you you are just a girl child, you are inferior, no one will listen to you.

You will end up your life in the kitchen, you can’t do much, you are not a male child, while kill yourself to want to be a better person, just go to school, get a job, or do a small business and get married and be okay!

But yet I know that I can be a judge and be a wife just like Deborah, I can be a Queen yet have a great spiritual foresight that helps me see into the future and be a deliverer to my generation just like Esther.
I can lead men to war and wrought victories.

I am the voice that my world is waiting for, I seize the opportunity that I have now to change my world, I confront every oppositions fearlessly and I face my oppressors with boldness because there’s a greater one in me who has given me the tongue of the learned.

I am a voice…

Called to liberate my world by the power of word

I cannot be silenced!
🤏 Florence Adeleke

#DGI, #SDGs, #UN, #AU

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