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Sacrifice of Obedience

I sat here wondering what will be the quality of any man that will birth revival in the land? Who will birth order on the earth. Who is the man or woman that will give a decree and the creations will align?Who will make it happen? Elijah the Tishbite confronted the authority and said “there shall be no drop of rain unless I reverse it. I have the key to close and I have the key to open

I am still here demand God to make me an authority in my generation. What was driving Elijah to make a national declaration. Was it that he just wanted to make a show of power- no all Elijah wanted was to birth revival in the land. His heart beat was to bring the heart of men in his generation to align again with God

To revive the land, he paid sacrifice of Obedience to service. He had a mark of his leg in God’s presence. He was a man that practically practiced the art of retaining divine presence! Seriously there is a way you stay in the presence of God that your whole being is infused with the life of God. When we stay with Him, we retain Him. He function through our members. So when we speak He is the one speaking

Elijah was too confident that God was committed to Him because He was committed to God. He was operating from a sphere, he was an ambassador of a kingdom. So we are through Christ Jesus heavenly ambassadors, but we must retain his presence by remaining in His presence to be an authority that creation obey

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