Girl child
You are the voice
You are the future
So rejoice
Because you’re the most stunning out of all creatures

Girl child
You’re the pillar of your family strength
You are the one who spreads mirth
It is time you revolt
And give back fight

Girl child
It is time to put all the wrong things right
Raise your voice
Vocalize your choice
Vocalize your ideas and opinions

Girl child
She fathoms what man don’t tire
See her heart burned and holed
Till she walks the whole length of fire
And be the woman in their eye old

Girl child
You are an earthly goddess
You are a princess
So priceless
That gives the whole world brightness

Girl child
You are pure
A wonderful supernature
You are a pleasure
You truly are a hidden treasure

Girl child
Your womb brings multiplication
It brings blessings, fruitfulness, joy and expansion
The devil might have used woman(Eve) in the beginning
God still used a woman(Mary) for a new beginning

Girl child
You are beautiful
You are graceful
You are purposeful
Out of all creations, you’re the most wonderful and powerful

┬ęPoetess Esther­čôŁ
┬ęBeauty Queen­čĺľ

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