Girl Child

A purely precious gem I am
Shinning brightly with beauty
Blessed to nurture the entire universe
The gigantic bricks of the society
Veil of innocence
Epitome of dauntless sacrifice
Strongest of all creatures
Entangled in a web filled with brutal cruelty

Doomed in a field of heavenly misery
Planting the culture of dominance
Cultivating the seeds of silence
Harvesting the fruits of humiliation
Of exploitation
Of dehumanisation
Of oppression

Married at a tender age
To a sinful rapist
Beneath my sunny smile lies agony of torture
Forced himself on me multiple times
No desire of mine needed
Encaged bird I am
Bounded by chains in a male dominated world

As pernicious as he is
His presence screams thunder
The sight of him curdled my blood
Sending shivers to my wounded body
Brutally beaten black and blue year in year out
Always laying lifelessly in a pool of blood
Tainted with insult
Scorching hot flame of painful tears
Dying of mysterious afflictions

A fowl without wings I am
My matrimonial home has become an asylum
Dying of starvation
Denied the privilege to education
Bounded by chains in a male dominated world

Oh!!! Women, here comes a message
Ignite the light of fire in your heart
Spread your wings
Voice out your pain
Break all the boundaries
Because that’s only when you will realise how valuable you are
How worthy you are!!
Sadiya Ahmad Bello

#DGI, #SDGs, #UN, #AU

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