Girl Child

The UN Women Executive Director, Michelle Bachelet said at the 39th Annual commencement 2011 of LaGuardia community college that “The 21st century Will be a century if girls and women.She didn’t say this because she is feminist but because she has risen as a woman of leadership in a society where women are considered irrelevant and she has seen the strength possesd in a woman.She however recognised the need of men and boys in the revolution of gender inequality and women’s empowerment.
Before the 20th century where the women’s rights movement came of age, a female was denied the opportunity to express her full potential because of the cultural structure of our society.According to culture,a woman was not permitted to make certain decisions,she was not given the opportunity to express her views on certain issues that concerns her family nit to talk of society.
But in recent times young girls like Malala Yousafzai and Nadia Murad are breaking barriers and creating a pathway of leadership for women and girls.
But inspite of these advances,the rights of women are still fought against and pushed back by a male dominated power structure.
The 21st century have opened up a whole new world for a girl because the world is beginning to warm up to the idea of women rights. Several NGOs are rising daily to combat gender inequality.The malala foundation fights for the right of a girl child education.
Technology have made the world so close to us that the voices if those fighting for women’s rights and empowerment is reaching a far end.
Dear girl child,it is time to for you to stand up and lift your voice to fight for what is yours,it is time for the labor of our past heroines who fought for your freedom to yield fruit. You are not alone, unleash the potentials your creator put in you oh precious creation of the Almighty
You are the answer to the cries of many
You were created for a purpose as a woman,do not despise your true essence of femininity,no Matter how tough the fight may be, stand for what you want.
Arise for you are brave
Arise for you are bold
Arise for you are God’s masterpiece
You were purposely made a female because of the precious mandate given to you
You are not alone
I believe in you
I believe in the power of femininity
Happy international girl child day.

©Rachel Eriyamremu📝

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