Breast Not For Sale

Breast Not For Sale

Dear #GirlChild, one of your best attractions is your breast! Your two breast are meant to perform motherhood functions and for beauty, they are not for commercial purpose. Your breasts makes your shape symmetric and gives you balance.

Sweetheart, don’t give in to valueless men and unwholesome boyfriends that careless about your destiny. Those guys you are exposing your breast to will one day use your God given endowment to abuse you . The other day a boy punched her girlfriend’s breast and striped her naked on the road. Some Yahoo guys inflict diseases on girls breast

Wicked men cut off girls breast for money rituals, the other day a young lady was used at Badagry roundabout…… there is a popular joint there, where destinies of girls are exchanged every night for money. The more revealing the breast, the higher their pay!

You can avoid being a prey of breasts hunters! Stop revealing your most appealing part. Your breast are not toys!






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