*Chapter 1️⃣*

*Anointing Is Not Enough*❕

Scripture Focus:

2King 4:3 ….then he said, go, borrow thee vessels abroad of all thy neighbours, even empty vessels, borrow not a few

Capacity is not the same as anointing!

She had the oil in a pot, but for her to build enduring sustainable enviable stress-free ministry, Elisha told her “Go to your neighbor, go and borrow vessels abroad, not a few”.

Dear mandate drivers, anointing is not enough! When I was growing up in ministry, I thought all I needed was power! Nooooo we need capacity to retain people God placed in our lives and turn them to mandate – ministry partners, your neighbours have vessels you need to pour the anointing of God you carry.

We need relationships. Imagine this woman in picture have no relationship with her neighbor, too sure she will not have access to their vessels. God that called us is a relational God and He created us in His image, more so ministry is not about structure but about people. We are called for people and sent to people. We serve God through human. So to have sustainable ministry, we must increase our circle of influence, we must be deliberate to accommodate more people. Our bowel must be large enough to take in all sort of people!

The more people you have, the more vessels you have access to and the more vessels on ground to pour your oil and anointing to. For some of us we do not have any issue with anointing, our limitation is vessel availability. The wisdom here is to be deliberate and International in our outreach moves. Go out for people, go out to make new friends in your community, yes in your community, this platform is a community; network by the leading of the Lord!

Take the challenge; reach out to new friends this week!

*Chapter 2️⃣*

*Building Capacity For Sustainability*❕


Scripture Focus For Mandate Drivers⏬

2 Kings 4:3 “Then he said, Go, borrow you vessels abroad of all your neighbours, even empty vessels; borrow not a few.”

Anointing is not enough, go and borrow vessels! How do we access other vessels?

The most fortunate thing that has happened to us in this generation is permit of access. Covid 19 opened us up to access people doing greatly well in ministry by maximizing digital space. People that one would not have had opportunity to relate with are now accessible by way of relationship on social media!

However if we will access secret of great men, we don’t just follow, we don’t just make contact. The wife of the prophet was told to gather vessels.

Note, no one will borrow a stranger his vessels. So to increase capacity for enduring ministry, you connect deliberately so as to have access to their winning codes! There is a pass code that every winner has that is not open to everyone, so to lay hold, you must connect, intentionally itemize the vessels within your community doing greatly well, connect with them and borrow from their wining codes.

The woman’s anointing in that small pot will not save, nor sustain her and her children! To become outstanding in what we do, we should be clothed with humility so as to borrow from other people! If we are puffed up and put on permanent shoulder pads, it will be extremely difficult to connect with people in the neighborhood and borrow vessels!

So when we see people that has what we don’t have, we should strategically build relationship that will enhance our ministry and life. Seriously, in this age of networking, we can connect with men and women with great capacities. Capacity however has nothing to do with age! So drop age, climb ladder of greatness, connect and borrow ideals that will enhance you.

However to have access to the secret of men, you must be willing to serve! Many people make contact, connected but follow afar off. One of the secret of access to any great vessel is service! The anointing that you cannot serve can never serve you!

The borrower is a servant to the lender …… so you must be willing to serve anyone that will lend you vessels. Come off your ass, serve! Instead of endless prayer and fasting on the mountain for unction to function in ministry and to build capacity that makes for enduring ministry, link up with men and women that are already your better version, connect with those vessels and willingly serve! It is the hand that is will to pour water that is fix to take the mantle.

*Chapter 3️⃣*

*Networking For Global Mandate*❕

Scripture Focus ForMandate Drivers⏬

2 Kings 4:3 “Then he said, Go, borrow you vessels abroad of all your neighbours, even empty vessels; borrow not a few.”

She has lost all and nothing left again; husband dead and left huge debt such that the creditor was coming to take her two sons. She ran to Elisha and she was opened to wisdom for building enduring enviable stress-free ministry.

Go and borrow vessels abroad of all your neighbors!

“You have neighbors abroad”, Elisha said to her! Connect with them. Many of us are yet to understand the power of connectivity! The world is engaging network, the church is cutting the net! We are in world wide web, the church stay glued to one man show- me, my husband, my children ministry! We are not engaging others nor are we engaging with others.

Elisha said you have people abroad that you can draw from, be involved with, involve them in your journey, connect with them, even though abroad, they become your neighbor that you can reach out to with a click.

Go and borrow vessels abroad is also emphasising the place of outreach! Most time we do #InReachMinistry! There are people outside our reach that we must be connected with such that we can earn their trust to the point that they can confidently borrow us their vessels and believe that we will still return them.

Jesus gave us a global mandate! We are commissioned to reach the unreached people group. Go from Judea to Jerusalem, and to the outmost part of the earth…..So if we fail to network for harvest and preservation we are building ministry that cannot be sustained!

Anointing is not enough; network for global impact

*Chapter 4️⃣*

*Building Grace Behind Close Door*❕

Scripture Focus ForMandate Drivers ⏬

2King 4:4 And when thou art come in, thou shall shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons and shall pour out into all those vessels and though shall set aside that which is full!

When we met this At the mercy of her husband; my husband your servant is dead! She was living under the shadow of her husband, her husband made it happen for her, her husband engaged his own oil. She came under heavy poverty cause the owner of the functioning grace, oil, anointing, ministry was gone!

Elisha said to her, go behind the closed door! We need to understand what happens behind closed door, so as to appropriate the tremendous power that lies there in.

Jesus said, “But when thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in the secret, and thy Father which seeth in the secret shall reward the openly! #EyesOnMat6vrs6

Firstly, my husband your servant feared the Lord was her presentation and a kind of allegation to Elisha, that is more like saying how could my husband that feared the Lord so much and served you all through his life time died and we couldn’t continue to enjoy the flow of his residual grace!

Every one of us in ministry must build our own unique grace, we must engage in consistent activation of same to produce for us. Moses understood the way of God, the children of Israel only knew the act of God. For us to build sustainable ministry then we must come into the depth of God that is only available in fellowship

Trust me,in my little walk-work with the Lord, I have discovered that the Father’s secret is available for those that comes into unbroken communion with Him, men and women that are in pursuit of His presence! Men that want to come into deep embrace with Him. Men and women that will shut the door and sit still at His feet to take burden that He carries. Yeah the secret of the Lord is with those that fears Him. There are untold secret that will only be shared with lovers!

We don’t get it untill we get His heart! Many want to just get what is in the hand of God; not so: there is a connection with the Father’s hand✋ and His heart❤️. If we are going to get consistency flow of oil, them we must be glued to his heart. I hear the groaning of His heart……Like a lover hanging in there, waiting for His own! How we deny Him that Communion!

So Elisha said go behind the closed door! Building capacity for sustainable ministry starts with engaging the Father in conversation, it gets deeper as we increase our fellowshipping time and deeper as we know our relevancy and productivity is only commensurable to the trust we earn as we walk our work in unbroken relationship with the Father.

Hey, suffice to glean from here, the longer you can stay behind the closed door in Communion, in fellowship with Jesus the stronger the potency of the oil!

Elisha response: There is a secret place, that is behind the closed door; that is why the connection begins. Jesus said when you pray enter into the closet and shut the door a d pray to the Father.

There is no magic to building capacity for sustainable ministry, we increase grace and capacity as we consistently walk out our work in fellowship and continue in unbroken relationship with the Father!

*Chapter 5️⃣*

*Engaging Posterity For Continuity*❕

Scripture Focus For Mandate Drivers ⏬

2King 4:4 And when thou art come in, thou shall shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons and shall pour out into all those vessels and though shall set aside that which is full!

Wisdom for building sustainable enduring ministry – #PosterityEngagement!

She said, My husband your servant fear the Lord and you know my husband feared the Lord! I was wondering if this woman was actually a ministry wife or a wife of a minister!

It is two different things; Is possible to be married to a minister and not be married to the Minister’s ministry! I read my husband, your servant, feared the Lord!

So I read it like this – my husband that was your servant that was involved in ministry, that husband of mine that also followed, served and fear your God is dead. I will not blame this woman, not many ministry husbands engages their wives. Infact for some of us that are married to ministers, you have to take your place in the ministry space. You become relevant at home and in ministry by function not by office. There is nothing like the office of mummy G.O if mummy pastor is not productive! However, a great leader pulls up his down lines. Every great men stoop low to build their wives. I am made by the Lord through the inputs of my husband. I am Apostle Onilude Olatunji fruit of ministry. I go to places and men compare me with their wives, I challenge every man to engage their wives, help your wife to discover her place in your mandate so that when you are gone and she is here, she will keep the work going

So Elisha in the bit to correct major defects told the woman – shut the door against you, but engage, involve your sons. Many ministry children are not part of ministry process. They only know the act of God like the children of Israel not His way. Not many ministry children knows how to engage their faith for miracle,not many knows how to pray untill it happens, not many understand the move of the spirit.

Success without successor is no success at all. After the death of Abraham, the Philistines filled all the well Abraham had dug with sand, thank God Isaac had capacity to dig well. If he only inherited wealth without sustaining capacity, Abraham’s wealth would have been and history. Let us engage our children now while we are here.

No associates in ministry should take the place of our children! Joshua said as for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord! That should not be a quotation, rather ministry running scripture. If this work will outlive us, then we must engage children that will be alive when we are gone

Seriously our children are not too small to run ministry errands. Goliath; Saul said, “had been fighting battle from his youth”, so nothing stopped David from stepping into fighting battle also from his youth. Our children should learn on the job

Anointing is not enough, posterity engagement is wisdom for building sustainable ministry

*Chapter 6️⃣*

*Called To Fill Vessels*❕

Scripture Focus For Mandate Drivers ⏬

2King 4:4 And when thou art come in, thou shall shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons and shall pour out into all those vessels and though shall set aside that which is full!

You must pour out into all these vessels, and the full ones you should set aside…..Ministry is outpouring of divine deposit into vessels! We are sent to fill vessels. So two major things counted for this woman, the vessels and the oil. She had no life to live on without the two. The vessels she got dare not remain empty! Her livelihood is connected to the filled vessels she can make reference to!

For every mandate drivers that have gotten divine appointment in the kingdom, we have no ministry if the oil, our unique grace has no abiding fruit! Paul could say, “You are the fruit of my Apostleship. He had evidence of his ministry. In his night season in ministry, he had filled vessels he had poured his life into

So the woman was told, pour out your oil into vessels. Mummy G.Os, if we fail to pour out and fill vessels, if we fail to journey and be present in people’s lives, if we fail to sacrifice our time to make disciples of men, we may end up in regret. Ministry is more than appellation and title, it is a life poured out as an offering!

There are seasons in ministry, seasons of gathering vessels, seasons of pouring into those vessels and season of drawing out of the vessels! Every soul that God brings our way must be filled up! We as a wise servant must bring out of our treasure old and new, we must serve them right meal in due season. No single vessels must be the same after encountering the grace of God upon our lives.

Pouring oil into vessels is pouring our lives – as Jesus offered Himself as a sacrificial lamb, we also suppose to do the same. We sacrifice time, comfort, money, all our personal endorsements to build lives and destinies God is bringing our paths.

Mummy Dolapo Adelakun said in her book #ElectLadies, “You are not permitted to reap from the land you did not sow” So if we are hoping to live quality life in ministry, we must pour quality oil into vessels God brought our path! It is only vessels that you have fill that will sustain you in your night season, that is where you will draw to pay debt and live on in the future!

If you cannot pour into the lives of those children because they don’t have tithes to pay, now, then we cannot get Prophetic Offering from their hands tommorow. If we cannot journey with tennagers and youth to build their personal dreams and visions, sow seed of time, prayer, wealth of knowledge,we cannot drink and eat from the products of their labour in future.

Ministry is labour! You can’t eat any fruit if you have not labour in ministry! Let us roll our sleeves, get to work! Keep pouring….

*If You Cannot Pour Into Vessels….*
*You Cannot Draw From Vessels….*

*Chapter 7️⃣*

*Building capacity for enduring sustainable ministry*❕

2 kings 4:1 -4

a certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets unto Elisha, saying, “Thy servant my husband is dead, and thou knowest that thy servant feared the Lord; and the creditor hath come to take unto him my two sons to be bondmen.”

2 And Elisha said unto her, “What shall I do for thee? Tell me, what hast thou in the house?” And she said, “Thine handmaid hath not anything in the house, save a pot of oil.”

3 Then he said, “Go, borrow thee vessels abroad from all thy neighbors, even empty vessels; borrow not a few.

4 And when thou hast come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons, and shalt pour out into all those vessels, and thou shalt set aside that which is full.”

This part of the passage shows the benefit of reaching out to spiritual authorities when fighting battles that are beyond you. Further down the passage, we will see how her situation was turned around as a result of involving Elijah.

Believing in the almighty one you shall have wat you lack faith must be apply in everything dat we face and hope we shall receive

It is good to fear the Lord(Her late husband and herself).

The fear of the Lord has its own reward.

Things work for us in a way that supersedes our understanding.

Then it is good to honour God’s men(she honoured Elijah).

There is also no harm in crying for help(she cried for help).

Verse 3

*Obedience is very important*

No matter how the instructions may look foolish to us.

2 Kings 4:1 the absence of her husband is not a licence for laxity. She refused her children going into slavery. We are not obliged to wait for daddy before taking steps to stop the devil’s harrassement in our children’s life.

Verse 3

Shows she has good relationship with her neighbours.

So we should have good relationship with our
neighbours too.

No one would borrow you their vessel if you are a bad neighbor.

Verse 4. Not everyone deserve to know your labour. Your success will refer them to where you are coming from. Be careful of those you include in your journey to success. Shut your door upon you and your children to avoid unnecessary distraction.
Shut the door.

The man of God acted on what she had to solve her problem. God will only bless what we have at hand. So we must not be idle. This shows that God will use what we have to bless us.
Whatever you have is good enough for God to use. There’s no need for stress. Give it to Him and watch Him make a wonder out of it. No matter how little it is, remember the five loaves and two fish.

Be careful who you include in your journey to success.

*3Ps of productive ministry*

Lessons from 2King 4:4

*Potential: Save pot of oil*
What you have is all you need for a turn around in ministry

What are your gifts, talents, grace, ability, engage them now do that till you will not be at the mercy of creditors

Can you ding, can u pray can u teach can u administer, encourage and engage others etc. Keep on keeping on!

Verse 3. Relationship is an asset. Cherish relationships. No one is in your life by accident, even Judas…

Verse 3 we do not need to look very far what we need is nearby. We just need revelation to utilise resource around us.

People: Every one is your ministry partner, the vessel tiu film becomes what you live on. By all means reach out to people
Treat men like human being like God’s creature, you will always need man for ministry is all about man. Don’t be a user, be used for men so they can be useful also

Man is created to be dependent on another, don’t wear high heel …be accessible to people

Vessels in the neighborhood, vessels abroad, network, celebrate others.

You are expanding your ecosystem. Good relationship will grow your network. Everyone will want to shop from you.

Flow from inside to outside! As women in ministry our home must be conducive for production! Her children was involve….. By all means keep the bond of unit at home. Ministry can be demand to the point of creating distance between us and our children. Home front must be kept intact, no matter the heat of ministry, it must not separate our family.

Your gifting is your oil. Your neighbor is your oil. Good customer service is an enabler in Kingdom business.

Iron sharpness iron so instead of being a user we should be our brother’s keeper.

In addition the woman had nothing but a pot of oil, out of obedient and faith she trusted d man of God. Her testimony came, she believe her pastor, also business must be kept secret, nobody must know ur sources of income.

*Posterity versus prosperity*

If there is no successor no success. We must engage our children in ministry

Vr3 shut the door.

As called women, we must have faith in the Word of God.
We must be careful of over familiarity with the Prophet of God.
The woman did not show over familiarity with the Elisha, instead she believed the Word of the Lord as spoken by Elisha.

There must be people we reference to in ministry.
It’s important to be under a covering.

This verse shows that we should believe God’s servants whom He has placed before us. Because the woman believe in the prophet, she ran to him immediately and explain her problem to him. God gave us His servants for a reason, therefore we should believe and honour them.

Vs. 1 though some practice doesn’t treat a widow well, this woman refused to be disadvantage, the law then permitted selling one’s family members into slavery for paying debts but this woman believe in God’s law which led to her sons liberty. We must stand against every plan of devil that want to truncate our children destiny.

Vs 2. The woman called upon the man of God in time of trouble… We should learn to called upon God in difficult situation and also father and mothers in the Lord that can stand in the gap for you.

Vs 3. Elisha was called the man of God throughout this section… Can people in our neighborhood truly call us woman of God in deed, genuine woman of God to many children both biological and spiritual?

As called women of God we must have good relationship with people in our neighborhood and value people as our mummies have said. God bless everyone.

We will not have title without mantle, without oil in Jesus name.



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